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Adding custom lighting is the final touch to a great landscape design

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Landscape Lighting Design & Install

Landscape lighting design is very similar to the design of the landscape itself: we must determine focal points, use areas, traffic patterns, outdoor “rooms,” style, mood, etc.

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Planning a Landscape Lighting Layout

Before deciding what and how to light, we must first ask “why light?” Our design decisions are dependent on proposed uses for landscape lighting…for safety, security, property value, or enhancement of the beauty of the garden and structures.

Possible areas to illuminate for appearance and safety

  • Front yard landscaping & flower beds
  • Driveway entrances
  • Mailboxes
  • Fence accent lighting
  • Up-lighting & tree accent lights
  • Sidewalks & walking path lighting
  • Backyard landscape lighting

List of the widely used landscape lighting techniques

  • Pathway
  • Spot
  • Accent
  • Wall Wash
  • Moon Lighting
  • Shadowing

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Options for Landscape Lighting

Many different techniques will create a variety of effects for your home and property. The overall effect is dependent on what you want the end result to be. Whether it is an imposing dramatic effect or a subtle and elegant look, your lighting professional will create the atmosphere you desire.

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Learn more about the BEST LED landscape lights & techniques

Popular Landscape Light Styles

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Landscape Lighting Design Contractors

The design process should begin by showing all landscape features and areas that need lighting. Fixtures and lamps are chosen for each area based on the desired effects …path lights for safe passage along walks and stairs, wash fixtures for silhouette effects against a wall, etc.

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We need to consider how the proposed lighting will enhance the form, color and texture of the soft and hard landscape elements. Lighting should serve to unify both interior and exterior design themes, conceal what may be unattractive and shape the view of the landscape at night.

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Most likely, the answer will be a combination of two or more of these uses. A specific technique can be employed to satisfy more than one requirement…

for example, uplighting a prominent tree near the house entrance will provide safety, security and aesthetic enhancement.

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One common mistake is to overlight; low levels of light create subtle beauty, and are often also sufficient for safety and security. Use brighter lighting effects for focal points, and consider the effects that different light intensities will have on the overall design.

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Texas Landscape Lighting Designer

We have over 15 years experience in shinning light on landscapes for homes in Texas with many coverage areas that we provide these services.

Coverage areas in Texas Landscape Lighting Design Services

  • Montgomery County (North of Houston, TX)
  • Williamson County (near Austin, TX)
  • Harris County (all of Houston, TX)
  • Walker County (Huntsville, TX areas)