Landscape Lighting In-Home Demo

Residential landscape lighting demo package made to get you started with a Kichler quality LED landscape lighting system including FREE consultation & design, certified installation, and a solid warranty with maintenance support upon request.

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How it Works


    Use the form above to send us an email notification to get started.


    We will schedule a time with you to meet with our lighting consultant to discover what your needs are and plan for the demonstration.


    Our lighting consultant will deliver a full layout & quotation based on the results of your meeting.


    Our initial demonstration of your lighting package will include up to 6 lights, and can be activated by a small deposit which will be applied to your quotation should you purchase the package from us after the 3 day trial.


Is the deposit refundable?

Yes, if you do not proceed with a lighting package after the 3 day trial we can refund your deposit. *

Does my deposit apply to the quote?

Yes, if you proceed with a lighting package after the 3 day trial we will apply your deposit to the balance of your invoice. *

What is included with the demo?

Based on the layout requirements included with your free quote we will provide up to 6 lights that you can place where you would like to see how it looks.

Will this cause damage to my property?

No, the demo installation does not require any major modifications or digging for trenches until after 3 days if you are then ready to proceed with installing the quoted lighting package.

Can we use more than 6 lights?

Yes, which may require a bit more of a deposit, and due to high demand we may only allow up to 10 per demo account.