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Landscape lighting swimming pool remote control

How to add landscape lights to swimming pool control system

Our low volt lighting systems are so versatile & adaptable that they can even be integrated into your swimming pool digital control automation system!

landscape lighting swimming pool wireless control system

Pool Automation Controllers + Yard Lights

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We see that most swimming pools equipment come with digital control centers that have extra features, one of which is the ability to add in backyard landscape lights and have them programmable along with the pool & spa.

Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, LED Lighting, Hudson Street Lighting, Garden Lighting

This makes it convenient because all of the backyard features are combined into one system and wireless remote.

Power up

There are 2 ways that we can power our low volt light transformers via the swimming pool control box.

Typically, we find that a local GFCI receptacle is added to the side of the load center (control box) and will suffice, when using a weather protected cover, for plugging our transformer into.

Another method, and the most popular, is to power our transformers from an available switch or “relay” within the pool control box.

  1. The side mounted GFCI receptacle on a pool & spa controller is generally used as the protected circuit for the swimming pool lighting system, which makes sense for us to adapt for 120 volts of power supply to our landscape lighting transformers.
    • If the system is missing this component and the control box allows for a “knock out” we can easily add the required power receptacle.
    • If the control box is missing this feature yet supports the addition of 120 volt circuit breakers then we can hard wire our transformer to a breaker slot.
    • Note: This method will require a transformer with internal timer, or a photocell switch for automatic functionality.
  2. Wiring to an available relay switch is the best way to go if you want the lighting controls together with the pool. It allows for you to program the relay switch for LED landscape lights, assign a schedule, and make manual overrides. As most swimming pool control systems now support WIFI & mobile connectivity and landscape lights around the pool this all comes together as the most convenient way to enjoy the backyard.
    • Alexa and Echo integration into your pool control will allow you to voice activate your landscape lighting!

Dial Timer & Landscape Lights

For simple pool control systems, those featuring rotating dial timers, you can still add in the low voltage transformer, but will not have limited capabilities. For simple dial controllers we suggest adding a photocell switch, or you may need to add an additional timer specifically for the light system.

photocell switch for landscape lighting system

Stand Alone Wireless LED Landscape Lighting

If for some reason we are not able to offer a solution for connecting your landscape light system to the pool controls we do offer stand-alone systems with wireless capabilities. Some of these options also include:

  • Home automation integration
  • X-10 switches
  • Z-Wave technology

Through helping so many customers we have learned the installation for the most popular pool control systems installed in the field.

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We do not promote home owners to make electrical changes to their home, pool, or landscape wiring. The methods listed here apply to trained electrical professionals and low voltage lighting professionals.