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Enhance The Backyard Experience

LED Outdoor Lighting Will Enhance Your Backyard

As warmer weather approaches, we prepare ourselves for the sun’s rays by getting our swimming pools ready for the summer. But swimming pools aren’t just for daylight hours. Some of our most enjoyable pool parties happen at night!

LED lighting not only provides safety but can create amazing aquatic experiences you & your friends or family will never forget.

Outside Lighting Around The Pool

LED lights also illuminate the outside of your pool providing a light that softens and enhances the area around your pool. Install them so that they shine on the trees around your pool to add a structural element to your design.


Outside LED lighting will draw your guests to the pool area with the ambiance that you’ve created. Light the pathways and other landscaping to allow your guess to move around the pool safely.

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Here are some LED light fixtures that you can use on your pool deck to enhance and customize the overall outdoor pool experience.

1 – Under-Rail Lighting

These light fixtures hide underneath the handrails of your steps and cast a faint glow that lights up the spaces between the balusters.

2 – Stair Risers Safety Lighting

Without sacrificing the beauty of your design these lights illuminate the stairs with just enough light so that your friends can maneuver around safely while carrying plates of food and drinks. When people try to move around in the dark, they are too busy concentrating on trying not to trip which definitely decreases the fun factor.

3 – Recessed Deck & Step Lighting

These lights recess into the deck floor so that their surface is flush with your deck. They allow you to light areas that you usually couldn’t because raised lights would be tripping hazards.

4 – Fence Accent Lighting

Place LED lights on the side of your posts and fence to cast a subtle, downward glow to illuminate dark spaces. They aren’t too harsh or bright and won’t shine in your eyes.

5 – Post Cap Lighting

Install these lights under post caps to softly brighten and warm the atmosphere. These lights are one of the most common lighting applications for your pool deck. You may find that these lights detract from the scenery when people sit down because this often puts the lights at eye level.

Here are some landscaping tips around the pool (Video)

Enhance the ambiance of your pool and outside landscape with LED lights. They highlight your favorite structural aspects and impress your guests with customized colors and styles. Make your pool the star feature of parties at night as well as during the day.

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