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Landscape Lighting Company Austin TX

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Austin TX landscape lighting designers

Hudson Street Lighting is the #1 low-voltage lighting contractor in Austin Texas! Give us the opportunity to show you why we are continually ranked #1 year after year!

Are you looking for quality outdoor & landscape lighting products that are installed by a professional with over 15 years’ experience in the Georgetown, TX area? We can help! Hudson Street Lighting proudly serves the residents & business owners of Austin, TX!

Austin Low Voltage LED Lighting Experts

We are happy to lend our expertise in designing the perfect light for every area on your property. Starting with 15 years of low-voltage lighting experience covering all residential and many commercial applications near Austin, TX we make the whole process of installing outdoor / landscape lights easy! Having so much experience allows us to offer only the BEST quality outdoor lighting products backed by solid manufacture warranties.

landscape lighting design contractors Austin, TX hill country texas areas

Outdoor & landscape accent lighting is a multi-functional tool used to create an effect that makes homes and backyard landscapes come alive at night. A custom-designed landscape lighting system, designed & installed by a professional who knows how to capture the proper atmosphere & effect, can transform a home and yard in stunning ways and make your home look more beautiful at night than it does during the day.

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Home LED Lighting Services Near Austin

Shed some beautifully safe light on the dark areas of your property, backyard, walkways and more! If you are tired of walking in the dark around your home it might be time to sit down and look at some quality affordable options.


Stop stubbing your toes, tripping on unseen things (or toys), and feel more secure around your home or business with these great outdoor illumination services we offer:

Exterior Home Lighting Services

  • Landscape lighting design
  • Patio & porch lighting
  • Holiday & Christmas lighting
  • Walk paths & sidewalk lights
  • Fence & accent lighting
  • Security exterior lighting
  • Landscaping accent lighting
  • Steps & stairs lighting
  • Tree accent lighting
  • Fountain & waterfall lighting
  • Entrances & exit lighting
  • String lights, yard lights
  • Custom designed structure lighting
  • Outdoor kitchen lighting design

Home Outdoor Services

Spending time outside at home is something that we all love to do especially if you live around :ady Bird Lake Texas State Capital Austin area. If you have spent any amount of time or money creating a cozy place to hang out then you know of the discomforts that come with that like mosquitoes!

mosquito misting systems installation layout home

We can help you keep those pests away while adding more effects to your outdoor patio or porch space.

Commercial Landscape Lighting Solutions

If you serve customers at your place of business at times when it is dark outside you may want to make sure that visitors feel safe and secure at your facility. Both customers and employees can benefit from properly installed lighting for a business. We can help commercial facilities in providing adequately illuminated areas with these commercial lighting services:

Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, LED Lighting, Hudson Street Lighting, Garden Lighting

Business, Hotel, Facility Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting for Austin Home Builders

Home builders in the Austin area can take advantage of our lighting services! We have over 10 years’ experience working with custom home builders in the Austin county area.

Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, LED Lighting, Hudson Street Lighting, Garden Lighting

New home construction allows for us to design the landscape lighting package to every detail. When you need a home to look great at night you call Hudson Street Lighting!

Planning & Design Landscape Lighting Austin

exterior home lighting design contractors Austin, TX 73301, 73344, 78613, 78617

Our difference is the professional delivery of your custom lighting design which adds the “wow” to the watts and gives your landscape its stunning aesthetic appeal. 15 years of experience means that we make the planning and budgeting of new landscape / outdoor lights is easy!

Atmosphere and Ambiance

landscape lighting designer in Austin, TX 73301 73344 78613 78617

To put the focus on the important features of your new pool, for example, our approach is to highlight the pool and surrounding hard-space through cascades of lighting around the decking, best achieved with the use of path lighting. Furthermore, we will focus spot lights on greenery or water features your new pool may have.

Safety & Security at Night in Austin Texas

Outdoor lighting allows your property to be seen when it is dark outside. Homes in Austin that are properly illuminated can help reduce the risk of burglary and help your family feel more secure at night. If your property is well lit, it is far more difficult for a potential intruder to approach it without being seen.

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Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

LED landscape lighting home trial austin tx

austin tx landscape lighting home trial

Landscape lights can help illuminate hard-to-see, potentially hazardous areas. When designing an outdoor lighting plan, we always suggest that our customers add lights to these areas. This is important for overall safety.

Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, LED Lighting, Hudson Street Lighting, Garden Lighting

Landscape lighting can play a pivotal role in the ambiance of your home’s outdoor spaces from the front to the back. Think of outdoor lighting as a distinctive way to decorate your lush new landscaping, or your newly installed swimming pool. We recommend that you design your outdoor living space in a manner that can be enjoyed during both the daylight hours and evening hours. With proper outdoor lighting, you can enjoy your backyard long after the sun goes down.

Outdoor LED Lighting Products We Carry

To be the best lighting company in Austin means that we ONLY carry the BEST LED lights, parts and accessories. We have a strong relationship with our quality lighting vendors backed by competitive manufacture warranties.

Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, LED Lighting, Hudson Street Lighting, Garden Lighting

See our: Lighting Package & Pricing for details

Exterior & Outdoor Products – Residential or Commercial

  • Low voltage lighting transformers
  • Low volt lighting LED lights
  • Mosquito System parts & accessories
  • Low voltage lighting parts & accessories

Exterior Lighting Products – Residential & Commercial

  • Kichler – Diamond Elite
  • American Lighting
  • Bulbrite
  • Jacuzzi
  • Emery Allen
  • Schonbek
  • Framburg
  • Elan
  • Hubbardton Forge

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Austin, Travis County and Williamson County have been the site of human habitation since at least 9200 BC. The area’s earliest known inhabitants lived during the late Pleistocene (Ice Age) and are linked to the Clovis culture around 9200 BC (11,200 years ago), based on evidence found throughout the area and documented at the much-studied Gault Site, midway between Georgetown and Fort Hood.

Info from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austin,_Texas

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